China Durable Spare Parts Panasonic Chain Kxf0dlkaa02 roller chain size chart

Product Description

Merchandise Description:  Panasonic SMT Chain Kxf0dlkaa02


We also provide following CZPT Spare areas :

KXF0E070A00    BOLT
KXF0E071A00    BOLT
KXFX03KEA00    Main Physique:DT401-F 
KXFX03KFA00    Whole Protect:DT401-F 
KXFX03KGA00    X-Axis Device:DT401-F 
KXFX03KNA00    Transfer Head (Multi-Functional Heads):D 
KXFX037CA00    Z Device(Multi-Functional heads): CM402op 
KXFX036HA00    Head Camera: CM402-L 
KXFX036CA00    Cutting Device: CM402-L 
KXFX036DA00    Feeder Cart Assist Device: CM402-L 
KXFX036XA00    Nozzle Changer (Multi-Useful heads): 
KXFX03KJA00    Attachment:DT401-F 
KXFK007MA00    33X0C0_Power Device:DT401 
KXFK001RA00    3197C0/3pole patrol light 
KXFK002EA00    333HC0/Side light-weight device:CM402-L op 
KXFK001PA00    333FC1/Line camera LED lighting:CM402-L 
KXFK002XA00    33VHC0/Cart stand BOX:CM402 
KXFK002VA00    33VGC0/NAVI Power device:CM402 
KXFK009TA00    HUB Electricity BOX 
KXFX03KKA00    Board Conveyor :DT401-F 
KXFX036JA00    Board Holder: CM402-L 
KXFX036MA00    Board Stopper:CM402-L 
KXFX036NA00    Board Aspect Clamp: CM402-L 
KXFX036YA00    Up Stream Extension Conveyor: CM402-L op 
KXFX036ZA00    Down Stream Extension Conveyor: CM402-L 
KXFX036SA00    Ceramic PCB Able(FR Ref,L>>R/INR Ref, 
KXFX036TA00    Ceramic PCB Able(FR Ref,R>>L/INR Ref, 
KXFX037DA00    Lead Checker:CM402-L 
KXFX036PA00    Feeder Cart: CM402-L 
KXFX036QA00    Transport Line 950 mm Help for Feeder 
KXFX036RA00    Unit for Bulk Feeder:CM402-L 
KXFX037AA00    Chip Discharge Conveyor M:CM402-L 
KXFX037ZA00    Preparation Device for Feeder Cart:CM402-L 
KXFX036VA00    Support Pin Location Jig: CM402-L 
KXFX037GA00    X-Y Airplane Calibration Jig:CM402-L 
KXFX037HA00    Adjustment Jig(Widespread):CM402-L 
KXFX037KA00    Adjustment Jig(Multi-Practical Head):CM 
KXFX037PA00    Feeder Stand: FA Type 
KXFX037QA00    Head Stand(2Head):CM402-L op 
KXFX037YA00    Nozzle Case (Multi-useful Head): CM4 
KXFX038AA00    Lubrication Established: CM100-M 
KXFX03LYA00    Single Tray Feeder Support Device:DT401-F 
KXFX03LZA00    Twin Tray Feeder Support Unit:DT401-F 
KXFX571A00    Transport Line 930 mm Assistance:DT401-F 
KXFX03KLA00    NAVI Assist Device:DT401-F 

Packaging & Delivery

All goods packed with picket case deal, vacuum packaging, PE film packing, carton packing and other mixtures,
Make certain that all items would not be ruined for the duration of transportation.

Business Info:

                                                                                             Company PROFILE

WHY Pick US?

ZheZheJiang nling Industrial Co., Ltd. is a substantial-finish manufacturer company of totally automated AOI visible inspection equipment, which integrates research and advancement, production, product sales and service. 
and we are the major SMT machines and resolution with 10 years’ knowledge in China. and we are aslo the only Chinese SMT supplier for ASM manufacturing facility in China.

Our Rewards

1st,We have rigorous inspection specifications for the high quality of our items, which has shaped a higher-standard approach program

2nd,We have a powerful price tag edge, complete price advantage is the greatest choice for customers

threerd, our company philosophy: “Buyer first, Good quality 1st ” Principle

fourth, We are a big worldwide brand amount brokers and over the several years we accumulated a substantial quality consumer assets

fiveth, We have a international sourcing, massive desire we can lessen the purchase price. More new equipment provide to make certain our sustainable offer and value benefit.


OUR Team:

Right here is what XLING can do for you:
one. Utilised SIPLACE & CZPT CZPT & CZPT tools
 We Get, Offer and Trade CZPT Gear,specifically ASM AOI & CZPT Choose&placement Equipment.
All tools leaving our amenities is guaranteed to be completely useful, with no missing components and in full operating situation.
2. CZPT automotic spare parts:
We have good source and massive completely ready stock for main manufacturer CZPT automotive spare areas. These kinds of as, feeder/feeder areas, nozzle/nozzle holder/nozzle shaft, laser sensor, servo motor, driver, controller board, solenoid valve, ball screw, belt, cable, sensor etc.
three. Mend support
We have extremely expert engineer back to us to offer repair support.



1. What goods can you provide? 
Placement Equipment Feeder, CZPT Placement Device, CZPT AOI, CZPT SPI, CZPT Stencil Printer, CZPT Reflow Oven, CZPT X-Ray, CZPT Feeder, CZPT Nozzle, LED Select & Spot Machine, Wave Soldering Device, CZPT Coating Machine, CZPT Cleaning Device, CZPT Label Mounter, PCB Cutting Equipment, PCB Laser Printer Device, PCB Handling Machine, CZPT Mounter Sales: Placement Device, Placement Equipment Add-ons, CZPT Components.

two. Can I get a sample? what is your MOQ?
Yes, Sample is available, our MOQ is 1 piece 

three. How long will it just take to produce the items?
About 1 to 7 working times. 

four. What varieties of brands of elements can you provide? 
We have Fuji, Juki, Yamaha, Samsung, Panaconic, Siemens, Common, Hitachi etc.

five. What is the warranty of feeders?
We offer 6 months` guarantee on new feeders and 3 months on Second hand Feeders, genuine daily life is dependent on doing work and maintanance. If feeder can not work after recently obtained , free of charge repalcement would be sent quickly or refund

After Income Services

                         24 hrs online, quick reaction, guaranteed warranty for you!
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US $59-89
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


After-sales Service: Video Technical Support
Condition: New
Speed: High Speed
Precision: High Precision
Certification: CCC, PSE, FDA, RoHS, ISO, CE
Warranty: 6 Months




                                                                                             COMPANY PROFILE
US $59-89
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


After-sales Service: Video Technical Support
Condition: New
Speed: High Speed
Precision: High Precision
Certification: CCC, PSE, FDA, RoHS, ISO, CE
Warranty: 6 Months




                                                                                             COMPANY PROFILE

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drive Chains

Drive chains are widely used for sliding steel guides. While solution chains are often used, roller chains are more efficient in size and weight. Nevertheless, a drive chain is often the best choice for dirty jobs. The following are some of the benefits and disadvantages of drive chains. Learn more! Adapt your vehicle to your specific situation with drive chains. You’ll be glad you did! Read on to learn more! Continue reading for information on different types of drive chains.

Inverted tooth chain

An inverted tooth camshaft drive chain has teeth on its links and two pin rolling pivot joints that engage each other to transmit moderate to high-speed rotations. This type of drive chain is also known as a silent chain drive, which is particularly effective in reducing noise and vibration. The teeth on the links mesh perfectly with the teeth of the gear sprocket. The inverted tooth design also provides smooth communication of chain links with the teeth of the sprocket.
The design of the new model was particularly effective in quelling noise. The “Druid” spring forks enabled the chain to adjust with minimal motion of the axle. It was launched at the 1910 Olympia show and sold more than 500 units. The drive chain was also silent, which reduced the need for sound insulation and attenuation components, which in turn minimized weight. Hence, it became an ideal choice for wind turbines.
The main disadvantages of chain drive include its low speed and limited range. It is expensive to manufacture and requires precise mounting. Maintenance is essential, including lubrication and slack adjustment. Its velocity fluctuates as the chain is stretched. This causes the chain to fail at the worst possible time. The chain drive also has problems associated with slippage. In addition, it can be prone to excessive wear and tear. Fortunately, however, there are newer types of drive chains available, which are more durable and reliable.

Duplex chain

There are three types of duplex drive chains: SC, RP, and Ramsey. Each has their own unique advantages and features. The Rampower duplex series offers twice the power capacity of the standard SC duplex chain. They are often used in new applications. SC duplex chains are the most affordable and are used in less demanding applications. The SC duplex chain has a lower power capacity but lower weight. There is also no guarantee of performance.

Multi-strand roller chain

The Multiple-strand roller chain for drive chain market can be defined on the basis of the factors that drive growth in this industry. The factors that hamper market growth can be understood in order to come up with alternative bends for lucrative opportunities. This report aims to understand the current scenario and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry as a whole. We will also discuss the market drivers and restraints. We will discuss the various types of Multiple-strand roller chains for drive chain and their market sizes in the coming years.
The minimum tensile strength for a roller chain is one sixth or one-ninth the tensile strength of a conventional drive chain. These standards are established to prevent linkplate fatigue, which is the main cause of premature breakdown. A chain made of this material is considered a superior choice for high-performance applications involving a high load-bearing capacity. If you’re using a drive chain, make sure to choose a proper chain based on the type of application. A simple chain with a high load-bearing capacity is also ideal for simple applications.
While it is true that a high-tension, high-speed drive requires a higher power rating than a low-speed chain, roller chains are primarily used in low to mid-speed applications. They are similar to bicycle chains but may have a master link. In motorcycles, chains are heavier and may require a chain tool to remove. These chains are often replaced with toothed belts or a combination of both.

Flat top chain

The flat top drive chain is a versatile conveyor belt that conveys medium and large workpiece pallets. Its arcing capacity makes it suitable for continuous drive combinations involving curve arcs. The flat top chain is also available with PA wear pads on the workpiece pallets. The flat top chain’s steel and plastic glide profiles allow surface loads of up to 1.5 kg/cm. HD profiles are compatible with the flat top chain.
The steel flat top chain is available in several types: 815, 820, and 881 series. These are heat-treated to have high strength and excellent wear resistance. They can also be used with various sprockets, including 820 sprockets. The high-quality steel chain can be used with many industrial applications. However, if you are looking for a durable chain for your industrial application, iwis hardened stainless steel flat top chains are an excellent choice.
TSplus flat top drive chain offers the most flexibility of any conveying media. The drive units can be linked end-to-end to form extended conveyor lines. Side-flexing flat top chains are available to create serpentine, in-line, and carousel conveyors. Drive units are available in standard and heavy-duty models. They are versatile enough to handle a variety of container sizes. If you need a more complex conveyor system, you can choose a heavy-duty drive chain.
Rexnord flat top chains come in two basic styles: MatTop chain and TableTop chain. The TableTop chain is molded in standard widths ranging from 3.25 inches to 12 inches. These are shipped in ten-foot sections, but you can also find 20-foot-wide mattop chains. You can even customize your MatTop chain to meet your exact needs. They are perfect for a variety of conveying applications, from general conveying to wash down applications.

Conveyor chain

Drive chains for conveyors come in a variety of styles. These chains can have varying degrees of pitch. Pitch is governed by wheel tooth strength, the overall chain rigidity, and the type of drive motor. A normal maximum pitch is determined by the width of the link plates and the angle between the mounting angles. You can increase the pitch of your chain by strengthening the bushes between the link plates. Make sure that the gap between the wheel teeth and the bushes is approximately one-fourth inch.
Pitch and tension of the chain are important considerations when choosing a chain. The minimum pitch is determined by the thickness of the tooth on the wheel and the maximum pitch is determined by the rigidity of the link plates. However, this maximum pitch may be exceeded with bushes between the link plates or clearance with the wheel teeth. A good quality chain will have bearing surfaces lubricated to prevent excessive wear and rust. Medium-viscosity mineral oil is suitable for normal operating conditions. SAE 20W-50 is a good choice for this application. Self-lubricating chains are available from many chain manufacturers.
The chain is usually lubricated by dripping oil between the links. This type of lubrication requires regular inspection of the conveyor chain. The amount of oil should be enough to prevent reddish brown discoloration on the chain joints. A lubricating oil should be applied on a daily basis, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In order to ensure a longer life for your drive chain, make sure that you lubricate it on a regular basis.

China Durable Spare Parts Panasonic Chain Kxf0dlkaa02     roller chain size chartChina Durable Spare Parts Panasonic Chain Kxf0dlkaa02     roller chain size chart
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