140-8 Oilfield Roller Chain


140-8 Oilfield Roller Chain

#140-8 Oilfield Roller Chain is manufactured according to ANSI Standards dimensionally but is API Certified to run in oilfield applications. This API 140-8 roller chain features solid bushings, solid rollers, and wide waist side plates for optimal performance and maximum fatigue strength. API-certified chains undergo certain processes and manufacturing techniques that appease the American Petroleum Institute (API) for optimal performance and longevity in oilfield applications, this is what separates an API Certified Chain from just an ANSI chain.

Oilfield Roller Chain Specification:

  • Chain Size: 140-8 API
  • Pitch (P): 1.750″
  • Inside Width (W): 1.000″
  • Roller Diameter (R): 1.000″
  • Pin Diameter (D): 0.500″
  • Link Plate Thickness (T): 0.219″
  • Plate Height (H): 1.610″
  • Chain to Riv. Pin End (LR): 7.806″
  • Chain to Cot. Pin End (LC): 7.985″
  • Rated Working Load: 56,000 LBS
  • Average Ultimate Strength: 407,200 LBS
  • Chain Weight: 39.16 LBS/ FT

Oilfield Roller Chain Features:

  • Solid Bushings and Solid Rollers (SBR)
  • Manufactured in accordance with American Petroleum Institute Standards
  • Dimensionally Conforms to ANSI B29.1 Standards to Directly Interchange With Other Brands
  • Ballized Pitch Holes
  • Wise-Waist Link Plates
  • Press Fitted Center Link Plates for Multi-Strand Chains
  • High Energy Mechanical Treatment Preformed For Pins
  • Unique “Bushed” Multi-Strand Connecting Links
  • Factory Applied Hot Dipped Wax Type Pre-Lubricant
  • Special 4-Pitch Riveted Type Offset Links Available
  • Stainless Steel Steel Blast For Link Plates

Oilfield Roller Chain Information:

Multistrand API connection pins feature a unique bushing center plate. Bushing provides a press-fit center plate for increased fatigue strength. These links have the same dynamic capabilities as the base chain but are easy to install.

After heat treatment of the roller chain parts, the connecting rod plate is treated with a bleach ball to eliminate minor defects and give beneficial residual compressive stress while improving fatigue strength and providing a greater reliable service life.

Oilfield Roller Chain Application:

Roller chains transmit mechanical energy between sprockets in power transmission applications. Typical applications include bicycles, motorcycles, and conveyor systems in the industry. Whether you need a chain to move a heavy load or transfer energy, a roller chain can make your job easier. Its simplicity makes it the ideal solution for many different tasks.